How to Layer Your Outfit with a Feelingirl Shapewear for a Sleek Look

June 06, 2024


Layering your clothes with Feelingirl’s shapewear can give you a slim figure in no time. But the condition is that you must know how to layer it smartly.

You can wear a shapewear full bodysuit under your outfit for that perfect look and smoothness. Here are some tips that would help you be a shapewear layering pro.

1. Seamless Bodysuit under Dresses

First get your hands on a bodysuit that’s seamless. This means, it should be smooth all over. There should be no lines that are visible when you pull over your outfit. In this way, you’ll get the perfect look with different kinds of outfits.

Plus, having no seams also means you will feel very comfortable. Usually, these seams start digging into the skin and hurt you. But you can wear your seamless shapers all day long most comfortably. 

2. High-Waisted Shapewear Shorts for Sleek Look

Shapewear leggings that are high-waisted offer a tummy-tucking solution. In fact, these control both the tummy and your thighs. So, you can get a slim and sleek look when you are wearing tight-fitting skirts or skinny jeans. These are also great for a bodycon dress because your imperfections will be covered by your shapewear.

3. Waist Cincher with Jeans

When you are looking for tummy shapewear, the waist cinchers at Feelingirl are an awesome option. These give your figure an ideal shape like an hourglass. So, you can easily pull over a pair of jeans to look super-stylish.

When you decide to get a waist cincher, do buy one that’s comfortable for all-day wear. At Feelingirl, you can find pieces that come with adjustable hooks or velcro so that you can decide what level of tightness you want. You can loosen it up a bit when you begin to feel uncomfortable.

4. Shapewear Leggings for Perfection

You can take care of your upper body parts – tummy, chest, and waist – with Feelingirl’s shapewear. But don’t forget about the lower portion – your thighs and legs. This is when shapwear leggings come in handy. You can enjoy their shaping benefits for a smooth and controlled look.

5. Thigh Slimmers under Pants

When you decide to wear any kinds of pants – casual or formal – make sure you wear thigh slimmers inside. This will make your pants fit you perfectly and give a smooth and slim look. So, get a slimming bodysuit that offers thigh control.

6. Open-Bust Shapewear for Flexibility

You can create your layers by combining shapewear with the right undergarments. An open-bust shapewear gives you a slimming look, letting you wear your own bra for more comfort and flexibility. This also adds more support.

7. Choosing the Right Size

Before you start layering up your shapewear, you must make sure everything is the right size for you. The perfect fitting gives you the perfect slimming and smoothing effect. Plus, it also stays discreet when it fits your right.

Final Thoughts

Layering your outfit with shapewear is not rocket science. But you still need to know some tips and tricks that can add perfection to your look. So, you will know what to wear under your tops, pants, and formal dresses.

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